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Project Description
Automaton is a home automation software built with a n-Tier, MVVM pattern utilzing WCF, EF, WPF, Silverlight and XBAP.

Obviously this project repository has not been updated in (I can't believe it) 6 years. I've since moved on to modern options for home automation, where a lot less code is required and obviously... ew WPF and SOAP! Ya, I still have Automaton Home, but not this code base

Automaton is my pet project which I'm using as a spring board to learn MVVM patterns for WPF, with SOA using STE and EF4.
It's purpose is Home Automation. For the moment, I'm using an Insteon PLC from SmartLabs and their software service called SDM to interface with it. I hope to expand support for additional Controllers and eliminate SDM requirement in the future.

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